meat, fish & eggs

29 May 2023
--- Stora Enso reveals that the strength of food systems hinges on industry collaboration and an overhaul of the packaging industry. The company’s latest report provides a call to action for the food industry to play its... Read More
10 May 2023
--- Meat and fish products have some of the most stringent hygiene requirements in F&B packaging, with safety legislation and consumer appeal often outweighing environmental sustainability concerns. At Interpack 2023, we... Read More
09 May 2023
--- Amcor will acquire New Zealand-based Moda Systems, which creates state-of-the-art protein packaging machines. Moda designs, assembles and supports innovative, high-performance modular vacuum packaging solutions for the meat,... Read More
04 May 2023
--- As the packaging industry gathers in Düsseldorf, Germany, for the Interpack trade show, PackagingInsights spotlights the debut of Sealpac’s semi-automatic traysealer. “As a world premiere, we are showing a... Read More
10 Apr 2023
--- Major airlines, airports and caterers are warning that EU animal agriculture rules are hampering their ability to recycle packaging and food waste and meet sustainability targets. The current regulation requires that all... Read More
10 Apr 2023
--- A sustainability report is the essential tool in communicating corporate social responsibility goals and actions to any organization’s stakeholders, from employees to customers to financial institutions. Increasingly,... Read More
07 Apr 2023
--- This week in industry news, ProAmpac added to its ProActive Recyclable line targeted at pet food applications. Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s removed plastic trays from its whole chicken range, and Stora Enso divested its... Read More
13 Mar 2023
--- Young mussels exposed to high levels of plastic microfibers show restricted growth according to a new study by scientists at Plymouth Marine Laboratory, University of East Anglia and the University of Plymouth, England.... Read More
08 Mar 2023
--- Amazon has invested in bioplastics company Genecis through its Climate Pledge Fund as part of its commitment to support women climate tech entrepreneurs. On International Women’s Day 2023, we sit down with Genecis... Read More
06 Mar 2023
--- Achieving improved sustainability in environmental and human health continues to be a major challenge for the flexible plastic packaging sector. Big industry players like Mondi are designing recyclable solutions to... Read More
22 Feb 2023
--- Innova Market Insights has revealed its top packaging trends for 2023, with “Plastics circularization” taking the lead spot. Plastic packaging consumption will continue to grow despite anti-plastic sentiment and... Read More
11 Jan 2023
--- Plastic credits have been dismissed by some NGOs and multinationals as a greenwashing mechanism that distracts from plastic reduction and exacerbates “waste colonialism.” However, environmental consultancy South... Read More
21 Dec 2022
--- Trays are a common packaging material due to their inexpensive, lightweight and long-lasting nature. They are most commonly used by the F&B and pharmaceutical industries, making them the primary drivers in the trays... Read More
01 Nov 2022
--- Lidl GB is extending its range of “Prevented Ocean Plastic” (POP) food packaging to fresh meat ranges to prevent a littering amount equal to over 15 million plastic water bottles annually. From this week,... Read More
20 Oct 2022
--- The Chinese General Office of the State Council has released a notice to further strengthen the control over excessive packaging of commodities, calling for further efforts to prevent over-packaging of goods. Furthermore,... Read More
28 Sep 2022
--- With stringent legislative targets set for recycling, recycled content and recyclability in packaging, the industry is increasingly looking to novel technologies as a means of reprocessing material unfit for current... Read More
27 Sep 2022
--- A study published today by Zero Waste Europe (ZWE) has found that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from plastic packaging pyrolysis are nine times higher than that of mechanical recycling. Accordingly, ZWE is urging the... Read More
27 Sep 2022
--- Mondi is equipping Austrian food company Handl Tyrol with a monomaterial PP film to wrap its bacon. The packaging and paper leader says the film is recyclable through existing recycling streams for mixed polyolefins. The... Read More
01 Sep 2022
--- Mondi is opening its first recycling laboratory to test the recyclability of paper and paper-based packaging using non-paper components such as coatings at its Frantschach mill in Austria. Conducting recycling tests in-house... Read More
31 Aug 2022
--- Global consumers are increasingly adopting plant-based diets amid rising climate change fears, health considerations and animal welfare concerns. Embracing this trend, plant-based brands are using packaging design to compete... Read More