meat, fish & eggs

30 Mar 2021
--- Swedish alt-milk company Oatly is addressing the “absurdity” of the EU’s pending Amendment 171 (Am171) – which could place further labeling restrictions on plant-based dairy alternatives – with... Read More
29 Mar 2021
--- A Tipa-commissioned review has found “landslide expert support” for compostable packaging across the EU to reduce plastic contamination in organic waste streams and increase the amount of food waste captured for... Read More
25 Mar 2021
--- Accelerating demand for online groceries fueled by ongoing COVID-19 social restrictions brings heightened shopper expectations and increases the importance of consumer trust. PackagingInsights explores the challenges and... Read More
11 Mar 2021
--- Coveris has developed a luxurious and recyclable envelope-style cartonboard pack for Farne of Scotland’s private-label fish products. The packaging combines premium shelf appeal and responsible design using specialist... Read More
26 Feb 2021
--- Innova Market Insights is revealing its Top Packaging Trends 2021 in collaboration with PackagingInsights, with “Home Delivery Haven” identified as the year’s leading trend. As much of the world perseveres... Read More
19 Feb 2021
--- The Dutch Weed Burger is launching two of its seaweed-based meat alternatives, Weed Burger and Weed Dogg, at 300 national Albert Heijn supermarket chains next week. The Weed Burger patty is made from protein-rich, salty soy... Read More
05 Feb 2021
--- Food manufacturer HKScan is replacing fossil-based plastics in meat packaging with a new type of renewable plastic made from wood cellulose. Finnish wood-based plastics innovator Woodly is developing the bio-material, with... Read More
07 Jan 2021
--- GravityTray is launching a namesake thermoform meat tray that permanently traps juices from meat, fish, poultry or fresh fruit in a bottom tray chamber. The innovation omits the need for a typically unrecyclable plastic... Read More
04 Jan 2021
--- The EU-funded Refucoat Project is reporting breakthroughs in recyclable bioplastic food packaging capable of replacing conventional fossil-based raw materials. Refucoat has developed three different bio-based active... Read More
10 Dec 2020
--- Amcor is launching Europe’s first designed-for-recycling PVDC-free shrink bag for fresh and processed meat, poultry and some cheeses. Eco-Tite R is designed to maximize shelf life, maintain food safety, reduce food... Read More
02 Dec 2020
--- SABIC, DSM, Viscofan, Cepsa and Fibrant are together unveiling a multi-barrier casing for meat products made via the advanced recycling of post-consumer plastics.The recycled, multi-layer films advance the circular economy... Read More
01 Dec 2020
--- Sealed Air is unveiling “the world’s first” food-grade soft plastic film containing Certified Circular Resins (CCR) for food wraps and trays in fresh meat, fish and cheese applications. The US-headquartered... Read More
23 Nov 2020
--- Finland-based Metsä Board is reporting increased interest for its fully recyclable and compostable paperboard tray MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB. Responding to steady demand for plastic-free foodservice packaging,... Read More
05 Nov 2020
--- Toppan Printing is launching packaging that better retains the sensory and nutritional quality of meat and processed seafood kept in frozen storage for long periods.
02 Oct 2020
--- Recycled fiber packaging supplier Cascades is launching a 100 percent recycled and recyclable thermoformed cardboard tray for fresh food using automated equipment in the North America market.
14 Sep 2020
--- Hong Kong-based start-up Ixon Food Technology has made scalable progress to commercialize its technology to naturally preserve foods without additives or high temperatures.
31 Aug 2020
--- Sealed Air has introduced chlorine-free vacuum shrink bags to help food processors and retailers improve food safety and advance the circular economy. The CRYOVAC brand OptiDure Bags (ODF4005) are made from a carefully... Read More
24 Aug 2020
--- Klöckner Pentaplast (kp), a global leader in recycled content products and high-barrier protective packaging, has expanded its post-consumer recycled PET (rPET) extrusion capacity by 17,500 metric tons. The... Read More
06 Aug 2020
--- Specialty packaging manufacturer Parkside has launched a packaging solution incorporating an antibacterial coating that reportedly kills 99.9 percent of microorganisms, such as campylobacter in poultry. UK-based Parkside... Read More
20 Jul 2020
--- With COVID-19 forcing the postponement of interpack 2020, food and medical packaging solutions specialist Wipak took to LinkedIn to launch 12 environmentally conscious products. Predominantly serving industries in Europe and... Read More