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09 Apr 2021
--- Dafia, an EU-funded project led by Spanish research group Aimplas, is releasing the results of an investigation into turning fish and municipal waste into biopolymers and other barrier packaging materials. The researchers... Read More
09 Apr 2021
--- In packaging news this week, Schreiner MediPharm developed an NFC label enabling diabetes patients to administer insulin medication to themselves more effectively. Meanwhile, Versalis Revive launched a 75 percent domestic... Read More
08 Apr 2021
--- Canada-based Nexe Innovations has secured CA$8 million (US$6.3 million) in financing from Canaccord Genuity at the heels of launching an e-commerce superfood store via its subsidiary Xoma Superfoods.The company intends to... Read More
01 Apr 2021
--- As a slew of policy changes addressing environmental sustainability issues like climate change and plastic pollution are implemented, fresh avenues for chemical innovation are opening up in the packaging industry. Measures... Read More
29 Mar 2021
--- A Tipa-commissioned review has found “landslide expert support” for compostable packaging across the EU to reduce plastic contamination in organic waste streams and increase the amount of food waste captured for... Read More
24 Mar 2021
--- Throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, PackagingInsights is dedicated to bringing its readers all the latest and most relevant industry updates. Visit this regularly updated news feed for the coronavirus information and... Read More
22 Mar 2021
--- Specialty chemicals company Clariant is partnering with India Glycols Limited (IGL), which specializes in green technology-based chemicals. The partnership will establish a 51-49 percent joint venture in renewable ethylene... Read More
18 Mar 2021
--- Mars Wrigley (Mars) and Danimer Scientific are announcing a two-year partnership to develop flexible and rigid home compostable packaging for confectionery products, starting with the Skittles brand in the US. Danimer... Read More
17 Mar 2021
--- Sous vide device provider Anova is launching a half-gallon reusable bag made from 100 percent food-grade silicone. “The Anova Precision Reusable Silicone Bag allows our food nerd community to have a product that can... Read More
16 Mar 2021
--- UK-based Magic Mushroom Company (MMC) has started a large-scale production of its mushroom-derived home biodegradable packaging, a plastic-free alternative the company says can replace polystyrene. According to MMC, the... Read More
10 Mar 2021
--- US-based World Centric is releasing a collection of certified compostable molded fiber single-use cutlery and serving utensils in the North American market.
09 Mar 2021
--- Lubrizol Life Science Beauty is introducing Caps2go, a skin care serum available in five formulas, packaged in single-use capsules. The packaging is designed to appeal to consumers seeking personal care products with better... Read More
05 Mar 2021
--- Plastic food packaging is only as useful as the additives it contains. Additives are complex blends of materials integrated into plastic polymers to enhance the safety, shape, color, shelf appeal, shelf life and... Read More
01 Mar 2021
--- US-based Eco Lips is launching a plastic-free, 100 percent plant-based tube pod for lip balm formulations, dubbed PlantPod. The novel packaging solution is the “first-ever” environmentally sustainable lip balm... Read More
26 Feb 2021
--- Fibrepak is set to be granted an EU Declaration of Compliance (DOC) for food contact materials. Fibrepak material is microwavable, static-free and “incredibly shock absorbent.”
26 Feb 2021
--- Innova Market Insights is revealing its Top Packaging Trends 2021 in collaboration with PackagingInsights, with “Home Delivery Haven” identified as the year’s leading trend. As much of the world perseveres... Read More
18 Feb 2021
--- Graphene-enhanced bioplastic pioneer Toraphene has closed a seed round of external financing. The US$1.25 million raised prepares the UK-based start-up for commercial scale expansion. The company’s flagship material,... Read More
18 Feb 2021
--- Rare metals used to manufacture smartphones and other electrical equipment have been found in everyday consumer plastics, including cosmetic and food packaging or children’s toys.
16 Feb 2021
--- The European Parliament (EP) has voted in favor of the Circular Economy Action Plan, demonstrating support for permanent materials that can be infinitely recycled without loss of quality. The Plan, which forms an integral... Read More
15 Feb 2021
--- PulPac is entering a strategic partnership with gategroup company deSter to develop and manufacture fiber-based, single-use food packaging for the airline and foodservice industries. PulPac is a Swedish R&D company famed... Read More