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18 May 2022
--- The World Packaging Organisation (WPO), in conjunction with FH Campus University of Applied Sciences, Austria, and ECR Community, is launching the Waste Stream Mapping Guides as the second stage of the Global Packaging... Read More
18 May 2022
--- Novolex’s Eco-Products brand is introducing a new compostable wrap for packing hot and cold food products such as snacks and sandwiches, tapping into increasing demand for environmentally sustainable products.
18 May 2022
--- Filling machinery in the packaging industry faces much of the same problems as any other area – raw material shortages, inflating prices, and late delivery times for essential components. As these issues continue to... Read More
17 May 2022
--- Toppan is unveiling a thin, card-sized temperature logger label that enables food temperature to be measured and recorded at regular intervals and data to be sent to a database via wireless networks.
13 May 2022
--- Single-use plastic packaging waste could be upcycled into needed graphite in a bid to further the circular economy, according to researchers at Penn State University, US. The team of researchers has been granted seed funding... Read More
12 May 2022
--- New York’s new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) bill is expected to face fierce industry resistance, experts say. The bill, introduced on May 5, would make packaging producers completely responsible for packaging... Read More
06 May 2022
--- VitroLabs, a biotech company claiming to lead the development of a new scientific process to grow the world’s first cellular cultivated animal leather, has announced that it has closed its series A financing to build... Read More
05 May 2022
--- McDonald’s and Burger King are facing class-action lawsuits in the US for using PFAS chemicals in their packaging. The fast-food chains are accused of fraud, misrepresentation and false advertising for claiming the... Read More
03 May 2022
--- GEA has reengineered its H-Packer SO Plus for long-cut pasta packaging by integrating a faster, “highly” reliable and technologically advanced system, comprising a double-dosing unit and a continuous motion... Read More
02 May 2022
--- Ahead of the Rethinking Materials summit this week in London, UK, we speak with Stefan Barot, CEO at Biotec, a company developing and producing environmentally sustainable bioplastics made from plant-based renewable... Read More
29 Apr 2022
--- The Rethinking Materials summit in London, UK, next week will offer a valuable opportunity for packaging and waste management players to reimagine and design public infrastructure. We sit down with Dr. Adam Read, external... Read More
27 Apr 2022
--- KHS Group experienced the “most successful year” in its history after a COVID-19 blip and is currently showcasing some of its environmentally sustainable filling and packaging machinery at Anuga FoodTec 2022 in... Read More
26 Apr 2022
--- Alpla is supporting NIDSI, a German NGO, as it sets up recycling centers in Nepal under the project name ReValue to improve waste management in the country. The global packaging solutions and recycling specialist has been... Read More
25 Apr 2022
--- The EU is announcing today that it will ban the use of harmful chemical groups like PFAS, bisphenol and PVC by 2030. The political commitment, which has not yet been entered into legislation, is expected to drastically... Read More
22 Apr 2022
--- In packaging news this week, Ball announced that its Aluminum Cup is now composed of 90% recycled content. Also, Henkel invested in Emerald’s new fund for eco-friendly packaging, and Olympia Dairy became the first... Read More
20 Apr 2022
--- Ball is partnering with Recycle Aerosol to increase the recycling rates of aluminum aerosol cans in the US. The partnership creates a closed-loop process where used cans are recycled into new aerosol cans.
19 Apr 2022
--- Huhtamaki is initiating a complete divestment from all its operations in Russia after almost two months of war in Ukraine. The Finnish packaging giant says it has reached this decision after determining “the long-term... Read More
14 Apr 2022
--- European and African leaders are steadily moving closer to establishing a broad, complex energy deal that will create a fundamental shift in geopolitical relations, says Nj Ayuk, executive chairman of the African Energy... Read More
13 Apr 2022
--- Mosca is set to demonstrate how stretch wrappers and strapping machines can work together in the food sector at Anuga FoodTec 2022 in Cologne, Germany (26-29 April). The company’s exhibit features a fully automated... Read More
13 Apr 2022
--- Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn is launching an in-store refill concept enabling customers to fill a reusable bag or jar with a product – like muesli, pasta, spreads, tea and nuts – to reduce disposable packaging... Read More