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Alcoholic Beverages, Baby & Toddlers, Bakery, Confectionery, Dairy, Desserts & Ice Cream, Fruit & Vegetables, Meat, Fish & Eggs, Ready Meals & Side Dishes, Sauces & Seasonings, Snacks, Soft Drinks, Soup, Sports Nutrition, Spreads, Sugar & Sweeteners, Supplements, Cereals, Pharmaceuticals, Beauty, Food, Beverages

Adcreative London

ADCreative London is a brand and creative company working with some of the world's most famous brands. We were originally established in 1973 and are now based near the Shard at the Spider House. We are one part of the Spider House - an established PR, social media and creative team of 40 people working with both major global and smaller challenger brands. We work across 3 core sectors: Food & Drink FMCG brands, lifestyle/technology brands and large scale venture capital firms.

Articles On PackagingInsights

  • Packaging trends 2019: Part 1 – The search for sustainability

    Packaging & Technology News

    08 Jan 2019 --- Packaging trends in 2018 were dominated by sustainability action, largely fueled by rising anti-plastic sentiment. It was a year that saw widespread bans on single-use plastic items, the announcement of The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment and the launch of the world’s first plastic-free supermarket aisles in Amsterdam and London. At the same time, the milestone merger of two plastic giants in Amcor and Bemis suggests that there are still major players ready to invest in the future of the material. In the first of a two part report on packaging trends, PackagingInsights speaks to several industry experts about what to anticipate in 2019, starting with the most hotly contested trend: sustainability.

  • 2018 in review: Single-use plastic reduction, compostable solutions and e-commerce packaging trend

    Packaging & Technology News

    21 Dec 2018 --- This year saw a flurry of activity in plastics, largely fueled by concerns around the rapidly rising levels of plastic waste seeping into the environment. In respect to sustainability, huge strides were made, including high profile, strategic collaborations which attracted some of the largest names in the business. Innovative biodegradable and compostable materials also sprouted in parallel to rising anti-plastic sentiment. 

  • Recycling overhaul: Packaging suppliers set to pay own costs as England looks to counter “throw-away” society

    Packaging & Technology News

    19 Dec 2018 --- Manufacturers will have to foot the bill for recycling or the disposal of their own waste as part of UK government’s Resources and Waste Strategy announced this week. Also contained in the plan – said to “overhaul” England’s waste system – were steps aimed at simplifying recycling labels for consumers, limiting levels of food waste, introducing a deposit return scheme for single-use bottles and clamping down on the illegal movements of waste within the recycling industry. The proposals will only effect England.

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