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14 Jun 2019
--- This week in packaging, Canada announced its intention to ban “harmful” single-use plastics by as early as 2021. The initiative is modelled on the EU’s Single-Use Plastic Directive and aims to combat... Read More
12 Jun 2019
--- Amcor and Bemis have confirmed the completion of a US$6.8 billion merger effective from 11 June 2019. The combined company will now operate as Amcor Plc, trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol... Read More
06 Jun 2019
--- In January, the EU moved to reduce the use of microplastics across a range of sectors, but this has come under attack from the chemicals industry. This is according to The Rethink Plastic alliance, which fully supports the... Read More
31 May 2019
--- This week in packaging, BillerudKorsnäs completed the acquisition of 350,000 hectares of forest land in Sweden for approximately US$670 million on a debt-free basis and after reduction of deferred tax. The move is part... Read More
24 May 2019
--- This week in packaging, Europe’s largest cardboard and paper recycler DS Smith signed up as an Ellen MacArthur Foundation Global Partner. The three-year partnership will support innovation in DS Smith’s business... Read More
22 May 2019
--- The Council of the EU has officially adopted measures proposed by the European Commission to tackle marine litter by banning the 10 single-use products most commonly found on European beaches. This includes cotton bud... Read More
16 May 2019
--- Dr. Mikko Paunio of the University of Helsinki has warned that the UN’s decision to regulate waste plastic as hazardous and restrict exports will unleash a “surge of waste” on many EU countries. Paunio... Read More
15 May 2019
--- The lunch habits of British workers is generating 10.7 billion items of packaging waste every year– the equivalent of 276 items per person. This is according to a study by UK environmental sustainability charity... Read More
13 May 2019
--- A total of 187 countries have voted to add hard-to-recycle plastic waste to the Basel Convention, a UN-led treaty that controls the movement of hazardous waste from one country to another. Exporters will now be required to... Read More
10 May 2019
--- This week in packaging, Coca-Cola launched its Signature Mixers in retro Hutchinson glass bottles in a nod to the silhouette of the first ever Coca-Cola bottle. With the demand for paper-based packaging on the rise, Smurfit... Read More
08 May 2019
--- Personal care and cleaning products company Cleanyst has launched an innovative at-home system that allows consumers to easily create plant-based products using concentrated ingredients and water from their own taps. The... Read More
07 May 2019
--- German packaging giant Multivac achieved a reported 8.5 percent increase in turnover in 2018 compared to the previous year and expects a further 10 percent increase in the current year. Speaking during the ongoing IFFA meat... Read More
03 May 2019
--- Sealed Air Corporation has acquired Automated Packaging Systems (APS), a leading manufacturer of automated bagging systems, in a US$510 million deal. The move will strengthen Sealed Air’s portfolio to drive growth in... Read More
01 May 2019
--- Nestlé Waters, PepsiCo and Suntory Beverage & Food Europe have joined a consortium that seeks to bring enhanced polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling technology to market on an industrial scale. Carbios, a... Read More
01 May 2019
--- Provider of tray sealing technology Proseal has been acquired by JBT Corporation, a technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food & beverage industry, for £220 million (US$287 million). With this... Read More
29 Apr 2019
--- UK-based WDS Group is joining Dutch company Lightweight Containers in a closed-loop recycling program for its PET beer kegs, KeyKegs. The program was initially launched as a pilot scheme, limited to the London area, in... Read More
26 Apr 2019
--- US-based technology company Digimarc announced its commitment to improving the reliability and efficiency of sorting plastic waste by signing the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment,... Read More
19 Apr 2019
--- This week in packaging, DS Smith sold two of its European packaging businesses to US-based International Paper for a reported US$71.2 million. DS Smith says the transaction will help secure European Commission (EC) approval... Read More
17 Apr 2019
--- Global packaging giant Mondi and Munich-based design consultancy Pacoon have partnered to offer a digital interactive map demonstrating differing waste approaches across the world, which the companies hope will better... Read More
12 Apr 2019
--- This week in packaging, AR Packaging entered into a definitive agreement with a subsidiary of Nampak for the acquisition of Nampak Cartons Nigeria, a producer of folding carton products for the tobacco, food and consumer... Read More