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08 Jan 2019 --- Packaging trends in 2018 were dominated by sustainability action, largely fueled by rising anti-plastic sentiment. It was a year that saw widespread bans on single-use plastic items, the announcement of The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment and the launch of the world’s first plastic-free supermarket aisles in Amsterdam and London. At the same time, the milestone merger of two plastic giants in Amcor and Bemis suggests that there are still major players ready to invest in the future of the material. In the first of a two part report on packaging trends, PackagingInsights speaks to several industry experts about what to anticipate in 2019, starting with the most hotly contested trend: sustainability.
29 Nov 2018 --- Australian family-owned winery De Bortoli Wines has won the inaugural Winery Innovator of the Year trophy at the prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) in London this month. The winery was recognized for continuing to be at the forefront of Australia’s pale dry Rosé movement, particularly for its unique packaging on its new Rosé Rosé which features a color side-embossed screw cap that is the first registered closure decoration of its kind in the world.
13 Nov 2018 --- Consumers are more mindful of their health and nutraceutical products have become aspects of an everyday diet. This, coupled with a faster pace of consumer living has spurred a number of packaging innovations for nutraceuticals. This is according to Elena Piazza, Business Development & Marketing Manager at Bormioli Pharma, which supplies pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging solutions. Its portfolio includes a dual chamber system packaging which offers precise reconstitution for oral products, including food supplements.
12 Nov 2018 --- Creators of the Karma Push Cap Technology, Karma, have formed a collaboration with Aptar Food + Beverage, a global specialist in dispensing, sealing and active packaging solutions, to deliver instant-mix technology to a range of market segments focused on the rising trend of personalized, fortified nutrition. The collaboration believes that the cap has the potential to extend beyond beverage into other industries, including medical and pharmaceutical.
12 Oct 2018 --- Specialist heat seal pre-cut lids manufacturer Chadwicks – a UK member of the Clondalkin Group – has produced a set of “eye-catching” lids for a new range of gin and vodka infused ice cocktails from frozen cocktail brand, LIC. Chadwicks has produced various designs for the 46mm aluminum foil lids for the alcoholic frozen cocktail range from LIC which includes Grey Goose Vodka and Bombay Sapphire Gin.
10 Oct 2018 --- Aptar’s new sport cap called UNO 38mm is a one-piece closure made of PP designed to suit the requirements and performance of the flip-top design and to provide the option of translucent or opaque colors. UNO provides one-hand opening and closing and is available in two 38mm neck finishes: 3-lead and 2-lead thread starts.
05 Oct 2018 --- Ardagh has announced the launch of Kahlúa Espresso Martini in Nitro Cans. The Nitro Can is the ready-to-drink (RTD) packaging solution for nitro beverages which was launched in late 2016 to capitalize on the nitro coffee trend gaining momentum in key European markets. Kahlúa uses a 250ml slim Nitro Can to provide consumers a velvety smooth Espresso Martini infused with nitrogen.
03 Oct 2018 --- Talkin’ Things and CSI (Closure Systems International) have introduced the Talkin’ Cap – the world’s first NFC (Near Field Communication) technology implemented inside a cap closure designed for mass production. The Talkin’ Caps are an app-less way to drive marketing content, brand and product information, gamification, loyalty programs, awards and coupons to connected consumers. The Talkin’ Cap also provides pre-retail benefits, allowing brands to protect against counterfeit and unauthorized refilling. The collaboration claims that the functionality of the cap is as easy as Apple Pay experience.
19 Sep 2018 --- Premier Protein shakes will now feature FSC-certified – meaning the materials used have been responsibly sourced – Tetra Pak cartons and a re-sealable plant-based cap derived from sugarcane. Consumers are ever more mindful when it comes to making purchasing decisions, both in terms of personal nutrition and environmental footprint. Premier Protein – a line of shakes, powders, bars and clear drinks – has launched its new Earth First packaging for its ready-to-drink shakes, hoping to attract sustainability-seeking consumers.
07 Sep 2018 --- Coca-Cola Amatil – one of the biggest beverage producers in the Asia Pacific region has launched the SyLon Sports closure, a custom solution for new Powerade bottles. The closure has improved recyclability as all three components are made of the same high-density polyethylene material, creating a cleaner recycling stream. It is an Australian-grown innovation which was designed, tested and prototyped by the Amatil Packaging Services Division in Eastern Creek, Sydney.
23 Aug 2018 --- International manufacturer of caps and closures United Caps and Braskem, a leading Brazilian petrochemical company, have announced a new collaboration aimed at delivering “Greener” bio-sourced plastic caps and closures made from sugarcane. The new caps and closures will be an addition to the United Caps product portfolio.
13 Aug 2018 --- Plastic closures manufacturer BERICAP is set to exhibit their latest product innovations at FachPack in Nuremberg, including the BERICAP DIN 60 TAP, a safe and convenient time-effective capping system for industrial application. In hall 6 at stand 418, BERICAP experts from all relevant business units will be welcoming prospective clients and business partners to support them with the latest information on innovative and high-quality closures.
02 Aug 2018 --- The Europe-wide Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU coming into force in February 2019 requires all pharmaceutical manufacturers to mark their prescription medicine packaging with a serial number and an additional tamper protection device. Schreiner MediPharm’s multifunctional Covert-Hologram Seal with an irreversible, holographic effect offers reliable first-opening indication and tamper evidence, plus counterfeiting protection, and complies with the requirements of the EU Directive.
31 Jul 2018 --- Aptar Pharma, part of the AptarGroup who globally supply dispensing and sealing solutions, has made strides in the packaging for pharmaceutical space with its Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser being approved by the French National Agency of Medicines and Health Products Safety (ANSM). The Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser is also the first and only FDA-reviewed delivery system for multidose, preservative-free Eye Care products, reports the company.
26 Jul 2018 --- Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and sustainable living, together with APK, are leading the way in taking the next step to increase the sustainable benefits of multilayer food packaging films. Beyond the primary function of reducing food waste, the products are now also recyclable via APK’s new recycling route.
24 Jul 2018 --- Sports nutrition specialist Arranti has launched Chamber Pouch, a stand-up flexible gusset pouch with up to three separate chambers, offering an ideal solution for selling combinations of two or more products that are typically used together or mixed.
23 Jul 2018 --- Kolibri Drinks has collaborated with glass packaging specialists Beatson Clark to design and launch a customizable bottle which enables consumers to control the amount of sugar in their drink. Consumers squeeze in as much or as little of the nectar as they desire from the bottle cap, while the viscosity of the nectar has been designed to blend easily with the drink without any shaking. Kolibri has cited public awareness around sugar intake and consumer demand – particularly among millennials – for personalized products which are adaptable to individual lifestyle choices.
20 Jul 2018 --- Chinese dairy manufacturer Mengniu has launched the first organic milk product to be packaged in the Tetra Prisma Aseptic 250 Edge with DreamCap. The new product line has a higher protein content, improved taste and stands out on the shelf due to a refreshed look. With on-the-go milk drinks gaining increasing popularity in the Asian market in particular, Mengniu says it expects sales of this product to generate US$14.5 million in August alone.
17 Jul 2018 --- Picnik’s butter coffee creamer is set to launch in the combidome 750ml carton from SIG. The carton has a single-action screwcap, known as the domeTwist, which enables a smooth pouring experience and ease of handling. The product will soon be available in the US, adding to the increasing butter coffee trend.
16 Jul 2018 --- Ball has teamed with Ovayaco, a company that produces and supplies beverages to Moscow-based restaurant chain BlackStarBurger, to design a new stand-out can using the innovative Strawster technology. Strawster is a modern gadget available exclusively in Ball’s 25cl slim can which features a self-activated straw that “magically” appears once the tab of the can is engaged. The partnership cites the increasing demand for ready-to-drink beverages and energy drinks in Russia as the drive behind the collaboration.