22 Oct 2021
--- Technology group GEA is launching a packaging line for powders and coarse granules called GEA SmartFil M1, targeting low-capacity applications in the food, dairy and pet food sectors. Companies operating in emerging markets,... Read More
18 Oct 2021
--- The California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) has launched a public information campaign to increase awareness around the recyclability of plastic milk jugs. The “Recycle the Jug” campaign is debuting a new... Read More
13 Oct 2021
--- Elopak is acquiring Naturepak Beverage Packaging, a leading gable top fresh liquid carton and packaging systems supplier in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The Norwegian liquid carton producer has signed a... Read More
12 Oct 2021
--- FrieslandCampina is replacing single-use glass bottles with recycled PET (rPET) bottles for its Friesche Vlag coffee creamers. “Replacing single-use glass, a material we have recycled for years already, with plastic... Read More
11 Oct 2021
--- Dairy has long been seen as an integral part of a healthy diet, but that doesn’t mean it’s free from disruption, according to Mathieu Nicey, Amcor’s EMEA marketing manager for dairy. Nicey sits down with... Read More
08 Oct 2021
--- In packaging news this week, Weetabix announced 92% of its packaging is now completely recyclable, while the company is also on track to reduce its packaging carbon footprint by 20% in the next year. Meanwhile, Holland &... Read More
04 Oct 2021
--- Mondi and Taurus Packaging have developed a wet strength paper shopping bag for the South African retail market. The partners say the bag can prevent up to 2 million plastic bags from entering the waste stream in the country... Read More
04 Oct 2021
--- Mosca has showcased efficiency and production advancements made through the COVID-19-induced digitalization boom at FachPack 2021. The company demonstrated some of its state-of-the-art innovations, including an automated... Read More
04 Oct 2021
--- Paccor has premiered a cloud-based “digital ecosystem” for increasing plastic packaging recycling levels through intelligent product identities at FachPack 2021 in Nuremberg, Germany.PackagingInsights caught up... Read More
30 Sep 2021
--- Greiner Packaging is showcasing its new self-separating cup innovation today at FachPack 2021. The K3 r100 cup is a cardboard-plastic combination delivering enhanced recyclability with an easy-to-detach tear-off system.... Read More
28 Sep 2021
--- Dairy filling and wrapping machine specialist Ima Benhil is showcasing what it says is a breakthrough in butter and margarine packaging, the FoldWrap Machine. The innovation, on show now at FachPack in Nuremberg, Germany,... Read More
24 Sep 2021
--- In packaging news this week, Phononic presented a portable cooling and freezing solution for perishable goods, delivering “unmatched” cold chain integrity to meet “explosive demand for cold chain solutions... Read More
21 Sep 2021
--- Mondi is gearing up to present sustainable-by-design packaging developed through its EcoSolutions approach – “plastic when useful and paper where possible” – at FachPack 2021 in Nuremberg, Germany... Read More
17 Sep 2021
--- In packaging news this week, the HolyGrail 2.0 digital watermark recycling enhancement project revealed it has validated its first prototype detection sorting unit, with a more than 95% ejection success rate. Meanwhile,... Read More
17 Sep 2021
--- Substrate processing specialist Bobst has launched “Generation 2.0” pouches, which are recyclable, mono-material alternatives replacing non-recyclable, high-barrier multi-material packaging structures. However,... Read More
16 Sep 2021
--- BASF is introducing new additive solutions branded IrgaCycle for mechanically recycling plastics, addressing what it calls “the imminent needs in plastics recycling.” IrgaCycle is tailored to enhance the quality... Read More
15 Sep 2021
--- Plastic food trays, including MAP trays (modified atmosphere packaging), remain a popular choice for meat, fish, cheese and other food products. With the COVID-19 experience heightening consumer hygiene concerns, plastic... Read More
14 Sep 2021
--- European Plastics Converters (EuPC) has warned Plastics Europe that its call for a mandatory EU recycled content target of 30 percent by 2030 is “legitimate and achievable,” but only if the whole value chain... Read More
13 Sep 2021
--- Ahead of PackagingInsights’ webinar: Sustainable e-commerce packaging in the COVID-19 age, taking place this Thursday (September 16, 16:00 CEST/10:00 EDT), panelists Daniela Dorner, eCommerce director at Mondi Group,... Read More
13 Sep 2021
--- Tesco is launching a reusable packaging initiative in partnership with TerraCycle’s global Loop program, debuting in ten of its UK stores. Featuring a range of 88 reusable F&B, household and beauty products, the... Read More